Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Oh yes I am very much alive and kicking...

I don't quite remember how one blogs or how one kaypohs over other people's blogs, but i vaguely recall some fun times both ways. The plan now is to acquire a working computer..spanking new and by legal means will be preferable. But i'm not too fussed really.

Now for some blogging practice. ..

I've noticed that of late everyone asks me either one of 2 questions.. It's always " how's work?" or "you lost weight ah?" So to answer these questions once and for all...

work's been kinda fun. I've learnt a thing or two... like how many bottles of ice mountain a crew of 40 consumes in 5 days or how to get permission for anything and everything in record time no less. but of course work can be a bitch...like in any other profession... so i bitch back at the work and i move on... and i work somemore... not much to go on with that really... it's just a very passionate relationship.. . full of damatic love and hate..

now to answer question 2. yes i'm losing weight... because of the very passionate relationship aka. my job. I've concluded that i'm never made to be a working gal. in my bid to damage control, i will now stop working and lie in bed forever. oh and occasionally get up to do the blog thing. but of course.

i doubt very much that descriptions of my ceiling will interest anyone very much though. ...

oaks - 6:59 AM

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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

currently listening to: the pixies- "ed is dead"

ed is dead.

ed is my heater.

I fear electrical appliances. They have temperaments akin to rabid animals. The only difference is that I prefer them alive. Better a snarling table lamp than a dead one, I think.

my fan heater (currently named, Ed, for convenience of mourning...) just died on me... Dragging to its grave yet another 4-gang (this time it's the one CH left behind).... See it really doesn't add up. Why should one allow a $10 heater to kill off 2 perfectly workable extensions and god knows what else... one shd never attempt to revive a cheap heater just to hear it purr.... ya i never needed Ed... Not when I've got Charlene... That's my wall heater...the quiet one. ..

ah well.... R.I.P Ed... this is the last time i'm gonna revive ya.

poor eddie...
eddie having a bad day.... died.

oaks - 9:46 PM

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Saturday, October 23, 2004

approximately 4 nights ago, i met 2 of my downstairs neighbours and had abit of a chat over a ciggy break. mind you it was late at night and for some probably deep psychological reason i was glad i had finally met people like me at south east (flats). daysleeping smoke junkies. wonderful.

the next night, lured by the thot of turning my lungs black and staining my teeth yellow, i made my way to the bench downstairs for a solitary smoke-session. 2am. and there they were again. on the bench puffing away. we had some alright conversation and i came back up once again feeling like i cld actually make some friends here.

but of course im too paranoid to make friends. yesterday as per usual i had the urge to do some permanent damage to my poor body. and what did i do? stand at my room window and sniffed the air. bonkers? yes and no. see i've decided that i don't want them thinking im a stalker consistantly running down to have a "moment".

now of course one-half of me (probably the half not damaged by nicotine), thinks this is ridiculous... normal social ettiquette probably demands that i go down politely and knock on their door to ask if they want to join me for a break... but of course i end up waiting till i'm sure i smell no other daysleeping smoker before creeping downstairs to stare once again in solitude at the night sky and think the same thought i've had since i knew the difference between little boys and little girls..."am i weird? who wld want to play with a weirdo?"

do i have issues or do i have issues? think it must be that bitch-face elisabeth something or other. how could a 5-yr old be so cruel? yes kindergarden was a tough time....

i'm a little teapot...

oaks at 5 or 6. poster girl for being bullied in the playground. maybe i've got the pls. call me names and steal my toys look... seesh.

oaks - 1:58 AM

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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Sometimes I get the feeling that I'm sabotaging myself. It's very subtle. Like electrical hums. But it's definately there. "It" being my self-imposed sabotage. "There" being my life, past, present and unfortunely future.

Now... I wonder why I feel utterly compelled to curl up into a small ball under the covers... It's as if i don't have 2 essays due and 2 exams to sit for in the next 48... make that 47 hours....

pwah. i'm quite good at this sabotage thingy. *curl* well done.

oaks - 2:32 AM

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Monday, October 11, 2004

currently listening to: sneaker pimps- “6 underground” (nellee hooper mix)

The sneaky thing about not being able to sleep is it not equating to being able to do some form of constructive work. Somehow one’s mind wonders to some obscure realm whereby blogging is thoroughly permissible but studying isn’t. And so to fully appreciate the extent of this wakeful guilt as I like to call it; here is a recap of my equally sinful weekend…

Had a fulfilling weekend in terms of enjoyment…. Think the word is…INDULGENce.
Friday evening was spent watching “Wimbleton” followed by dinner at StarEast. Had my long-missed Special Bento set.... went home well-satisfied but hardly in the mood to do much work … started playing Heroes 3 after some fairly half-hearted note reading. … Slept at 7am and woke at 9-ish anticipating the tulip farm excursion.

Came back around 5pm… and had a rest at Turnbull… After much gushing over the wonders of sunlight and reviewing shot after shot of tulips…fell into a deep snooze... Was practically dragged out of my stupor when I was bundled from the sofa to Jon’s car at about 7. Didn’t even have time to wash up or wake up… But was really glad when my stomach started rumbling when we got to Lygon. Had some pretty bland pasta at Papa Gino’s followed by some Gelati (but of course)… Headed back to Turnbull for some TV watching with Jan, Jon and Mr. Gan. Although I remember almost none of it… had fallen asleep on the sofa (magick futon!!!) again… must be all that food working its magic in my tum tum. The best company followed by the best surroundings, what more can a girl asks for? It’s no wonder I got so comfortable!! It was only when J&J left that I woke up. Went back to South East to rustle together some stuff for camping at Turnbull.

Sunday was a total blur… Slept a good part of it (Note: had fallen asleep at above mention sofa for the third time…and found myself in bed the next day…). We eventually got hungry and headed for Rich Maha to have Lunch-Dinner. Was joined by the ever entertaining Allan Wong aka. Chow Chee Boy....

Allan and Me @ Rich Maha

Allan and Gerard

Had a little stopover for snacks at Coles before heading back to Turnbull… was feeling a tad ill from goodness knows what… might be the 5 ciggies… an overload by my recent standards… ended up napping…yes u guessed it!... on the by now infamous futon!!! And to think I brought a whole load of work over… seesh!

Had some bread and milo before heading back to my own encampment at South East…One would have thought the weekend would end right here… well one thought wrong… anything could happen at South East Blk 2- Apt 7… Esp. with hilarious comic duo… Charms and Ever-present Visitor OH MY JOSH!

Charms demos "how to scare people"... Josh demos "how to be scared"...

oh My Josh's best doofus impersonation....

Oaks, Josh and Charms: Strange things happen after midnight at South East.... Just hamming it up folks!

And that concludes my weekend… But how do I sleep now w/o the trusty Turnbull futon???

oaks - 8:35 AM

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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Today Byron left Melbourne fer good. ..Well got this off a forwarded mail, thought it appropriate... for his flight...have your speakers on folks...

Also... here's a peek at his farewell bbq @ albert park 2 weekends ago.

Haven't been in much of a blogging mood...esp. cos i'm using danny's internet quota..(Thanks Danny!)...mine's screwed up again... oh well... bedtime.

oaks - 3:53 AM

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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Life is like a cup of coffee ...

"Life is like a cup of coffee, Sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet. Important thing is who you drink it with."

Niccolo Paganini, a colourful and gifted violinist of the nineteenth-century was standing before a packed house, playing through a difficult piece of music. A full orchestra surronded him with full support. Suddenly, one string on his violin snapped and hung gloriously down from his instrument.

Beads of perspiration popped out of his forehead. He frowned but continued to play, improvising beautifully. To the conductor's surprise, a second string broke. And shortly after, a third. Now there were three limpstrings dangling from Paganini's violin as the master performer completed the difficult composition on the remaining one string. The audience jumped to its feet and in good Italian fashion filled the hall with shouts of "Bravo! Bravo!"

As the applause died down, the violinist asked the people to sit back down. Even though they knew there was no way they could expect an encore, they quietly sank back to their seats. He held the violin up high for every one to see. He nodded at the conductor to begin the encore and then turned back to the crowd. With a twinkle in his eye, he smiled and shouted, "Paganini and one string!"

After that he placed the single-string Stradivarius beneath his chin and played the final piece on one string as the audience shook their heads in silent amazement.

Our life may very well be filled with troubles, worries, disappointments and what not. Frankly, we spent most of the time concentrating and fretting over the strings that snap, dangle and pop - the things that can't be changed!

Are you still agonizing over your snapped strings in life? Is the one string that you are left with being played out of tune? If so, may I encourage you to look not back, press on, and start playing the single string again. Let it yield a sweet, winesome melody that the world needs so desperately. You can if you will.

oaks - 7:21 PM

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